Friday, August 27, 2010

My kiddos

We have started sitting Stormie on Shorty to get him used to it and Seth gets on him sometimes.
Seth was being a good big brother and helping hold her while I take the picture.
Seth said he wanted me to take one of him by his self on Shorty
Stormie petting Rebel
Love this one

Then of course one thing led to another and I ended up taking 121 pictures ha ha. They were not dressed for a mini photo shoot but I do love what I got of them! And love that they were willing to do it and Seth was coming up with ideas.
My 2 sweet hearts!
Tried to get Rebel looking but I guess he does not want his picture taken ha

Seth being silly! His normal self ha ha
I love these!
I love close ups.


These two are my life!

Love this. Stormie and Chief
Seth wanted Chief but Peanut and Hot Rod wanted him. So he settled :)

Shorty and Seth and Stormie
He wanted me to take a picture of him and Chief
Love this one
Hot Rod
Love this little girl!

Love it.

Wearing their shirts on their head . ha ha
Showing muscles.

My tired hubby

Our sweet dog Tank. He is about 16 years old.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You make me smile!

Stormie makes us all smile :)
We love her so much. Here are a few pictures of my little angel.
Loving on Bentley. (wish all the junk was not in back ground! O well it fits in cause she loves Mac and cheese, pink and water ha ha)

So sweet!!! Love her to pieces!

This is my favorite. She loves him so much!

Same expression

She loves this skirt because it twirls real big :)

That is cheesing :)
My 3 year old!! ( time is going by so fast!!!)

Super sweet
oops too close :) Brown eyed girls
Checking her toes out cause mine were orange and she wanted her's to be too!

At the pool, she loves to swim.
Love this picture. Beautiful day and a beautiful girl :)
A little too close
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