Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mini Photo shoot of Seth & Stormie

I took the kids to our local lake a little while back and did a mini photo shoot. Seth did amazing and Stormie was not into it that much, but still got some great shots of them! I am so blessed to have these precious children in my life!
One of my favs

So handsome growing so fast

That smile is amazing!
She just wanted to look at the people that were fishing.

Her little wink ;)
His idea to pose like this and I love it!

Ages 9 and 3

She loves her big brother.

Attempt at a pic of us. ha
Love his eyes!

Stormie running through the woods. Can you see her?
She was laughing at me cause I put a leaf on my head.

We went to a different part of the lake and they had a blast, skipping rocks! It was very relaxing!

One of my favorites.
This one looks like I photo shopped him in, but this was real and a beautiful day!
Seth did a good job.
Holding my squeaky frog that I use to get her attention.
One of my favorites!

Love this too
She loves her belly button

Simply gorgeous!

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