Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stormie and her funny statements

The older Stormie gets the funnier she is.
I am going to write a few things that have happened lately so we do not forget them.

Yesterday, My mother in law and me were trying to hook a trailer to the truck and we were having a little trouble with it latching after trying a few minutes, Stormie comes over and says "Ya'll this is ridiculous!" We laughed so hard at her and agreed that it indeed was!

Later when Manche got off we went to go get that tiny trailer and put it on the big trailer, he loaded it without a sweat. And then I said to the kids Man he sucks talking about Manche and Seth says No we suck! And Stormie says and Mammaw too! HA HA we fell out laughing. She is saying this because none of us could get the trailer to work out for us ha ha!

She is a mess!!! She is so sassy and stubborn! Very independent! She can drive you crazy and make you love her so much more at the same time! She is one of a kind!

My Mammaw always says she thought they threw the pattern away when I was born but she thinks that she is wrong and the exact same one was used for Stormie. Says she looks and acts just like me! I think she is a lot like Manche on the inside cause she is a BIG daredevil and I am not! Something can scare her and she is gonna do it again she does not care! I say she is going to turn me grey and put me in an early grave from the stress of scaring me!

And here a few things about her currently at age 3 1/2.

  • She loves horses and loves pretending she is one. She will gallop like one move her head when she is running like one. She is always in horse mode! She blames stuff on the horse says its the horse not her! HA
  • She loves to swim and to play in the sand.
  • Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, noo noo (ramon noodles), waffles,ribs, yogurt and ICE CREAM! To name a few.
  • She loves to snuggle and still wants to sleep in my bed even though she just got a new bed with new horse covers. 
  • She does not like to stay the night away from me. She is very attached and does not want to leave me. She has major separation anxiety!
  • Current movie she likes is Flicka 2. 
  • Current tv shows are Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • She loves to go riding in the rhino and checking the traps with her daddy. 
  • She always wants to go coon hunting with Manche but she is scared of being out in the woods in the dark, so she don't get to go often. 
  • She loves to jump on the trampoline and swing!
  • She loves shoes! Obsessed with them! 
  • She loves to sing, she is constantly singing about anything and everything. Example is: Last night she was singing and then she hurt her finger and starts singing Ow I hurt my finger ha ha. She is so funny! Keeps us all smiling and laughing! 
  • She thinks  she does not have to listen to anything she is told. She is so hard headed! 
  • She loves to brush her teeth and to take baths! 
  • She loves our dogs but is soooo rough to them so they run when she comes near! 
  • She is really into playing with her baby dolls she is so sweet showing how she is a momma to them :) 
  • She says DUH after a lot of stuff! 
  • She is real funny about her hair when we fix it to whether she wants one or two tails (what she calls pony tails) 
  • She loves to play Seth's game although that is a rare occurrence. He does not like to share it!
So there are a few things about our little Princess to update you on her. I am going to try to start doing better about the blog. I never should have got this far behind! But that's life and some things are more important. :)
Have a great week!
XOXO Brittney

Monday, May 9, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011


Seth & Tank

Stormie's Old room before we painted & swapped rooms. Now this is Seth's room and its white

Loves to play in her bed but not sleep in it ;)

Seth's 10 th Birthday Party

This skating rink has these skates for their granddaughter that dont roll and they let Stormie wear them every time so she thinks she is skating but not going so she bust her butt!

The Birthday BOY!

My Mammaw just got there.


Daddy helping his babies

Love :)

Two Amazing Men - My Pappaw and My father In law

Seth, Bronson & Cody -Cousins

Daddy helping Seth

A few of us

Happy 10th Birthday Seth! My baby is getting so big!

I put icing on and in his nose Didnt mean to get it in it :(

MMM what can I get into?

My heart!

Lisa and Joshua

He was soooo ready to get to that big one!

It's a Green Machine he has wanted this for years! He loves it!

When I was growing up my Mammaw always had me and my brother something at the opposite childs birthday party, so that is what we do too:)   
We had a great time. Thanks to my mother in law Jan for taking all these pics for me, so I got to enjoy skating and the party too :) And My bf Ashley helped serve cake! Thanks to all of you that took time out of your day to come and celebrate such a special day to us! :) Looking forward to move parties. I love planning them! And making my babies so happy!
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