Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seth and his new bow!!

Since it felt so great outside today, we decided to hang out for a little while. Stormie snacking on her chick chick.
Tank smelled it and she has a grin on her face like ha ha

So excited!

Drawed back!
They were waiting on her to drop that chicken!
She is getting so big! And not looking like a baby anymore!


Helping daddy with the food plots!

Our horses, Mrs. Jan and Mr. Tony's horses and Leroy's 2 horses. WOW field full!

Makes pretty pictures!
My sweetie and her many faces...

Stormie and new clothes ha ha We went shopping ha ha (This is clothes that I have been buying over several months for winter and then some I got yesterday and I got really great deals!!!! )
She just had to wear this today! For a little while anyways then she changed!
My puppy that I still have not named ???
Seth playing rough with him!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fair FUN

We took the kids to the fair last night and met up with the family! It was SO HOT! SO that is why we are all hot and sweaty and icky looking!
Loving the carousal
Aunt Janci, Stormie and Sadie
Me and the girls (LOVE Sadie's smile!!)

They loved this too! It had really loud horns!

Biker Babes

She loved riding the carousal

Seth gets to meet the Puppy!

Puppy (Still thinking of a name)

Seth did not know I was going to get him pr that we were even getting a new puppy so he was very surprised when he got home from school yesterday!

Aww so sweet!

Stormie decided she wanted to wear Seth's shoes and backpack . She kept saying Pack Pack!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our New Little Guy

As many of you know we had Pistol and when we were on our way to the zoo Manche accidentally ran him over :( It was very sad cause we loved the little guy so much. I had wanted another one right then! But they are hard to find. So the breeder I got him from had some due any day and one male from another litter that was not the color I wanted. I had my mind set on one just like Pistol. well the litter did not have any male choc/ tans. But they had a blue so I said ok I will see what he looks like and maybe get him. Well last night I text her and asked her how old they were she said 3 weeks so I asked for pictures and she sent them to me and well I went and got the 9 week old today!
Here is the last picture I got of Pistol! SO pretty!
And this is the picture the lady sent me last night and well he is just too cute and Manche agreed that he liked him to and I could get him!

When we first got him in the car.
He is so tiny! His little legs are half the size of Pistols when he was this age. So he may be smaller. But still no bigger than 8 to 10 lbs!
So sweet. She has been acting like he is her baby!
So excited in the car.
She has been a little rough but she just gets so excited!
Now thats sweet. The puppy has blue eyes but my camera keeps giving him red eye even with the red eye flash on...
Pushing him in her stroller
Rocking him...
She took a nap and he is getting a break

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