Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stormie's 1st Haircut 6-30-09

Yesterday we went to get Stormie her very 1st hair cut. It needed something done to it. It was in her eyes and always getting knotted up. So we were getting ready to go and Stormie thought this is what she needed to wear ha ha. Pj top, stockings, and flip flops.

These are some of the shoes I made with bows on them and she just had to wear them. They are too big.

Then I got her dressed and she wanted to wear my shoes.
Showing her hair before the hair cut.
It was getting pretty long but needed shaping up badly.

About to leave.
Waiting for her turn.
In the big chair.
She was very good and sat real still and wanted to eat Mrs. Jennifer's cheez its.

Being a good girl.

Look how cute!

Getting glitter put in her hair.

Showing her what she looked like.

At home with her new do!

1st Family Vacation

On the way to Fl for our first family vacation.

Seth into his new game.
Stormie pointing at water.
Being silly.
Copying Seth

Very late and very long ride. They were tired.
In our hotel...
Looking outside our window... Saturday morning.
Seth & Manche in the pool.

Stormie just waking up... Love that hair ha ha

Seth with what he found on beach in Pensacola.
Looking out.

Leaving the hotel.

Gulf Aquarium in Ft. Walden


So excited!

Next event Sea Lions

Shark was in tank behind them.

Big turtle behind Seth
Looking at ocean

Manche has fell in love with this car.
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