Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Thurday!

We went for another visit this week with the grandparents and I had to get Seth's stuff for baseball. We also went to visit Casey, Bailey, & Eli. I did not take my camera but Casey took pictures. Once she sends them to me I will post them.
New shirt from Gap and skirt from Old Navy!

Trying to get a good picture of us. She wanted to look off the entire time. These are the best I got!

She loves sunglasses these are her new ones!

She loves to ride in the golf cart with Pappaw.

Sacked out on the way home.
Love those little feet.
MY new saddle!! I love it!!!!

Seth before his very first time to go to ball practice or ever play ball!
Well when the coach threw the first ball to him he told her he could not see because the sun was in his eyes well she did not listen and threw it anyways. He got both lips busted, his nose busted, and his adult tooth broke! Yeah he did not want to play anymore but he decided to listen to the coaches and then toss the ball with the kids then the coach was going to hit to them and he decided to quit. Once his daddy and I and others talked to him he has now decided to give it another try. I sure hope he does try and that it will all work out because he was so excited to play and I know he will enjoy it once he tries.

He went in and listened in

Daddy and Stormie( She is sitting on Prince)

Just catching up!

Stormie likes to pray for everyone and Wed before church Manche was eating while I was getting ready and this is what I found. Stormie praying for her daddy. Ain't that just too sweet!
Stormie talking on the phone.

She was enjoying being able to play outside. She is sporting her little pony tail!

Seth had school pictures this week.

Stormie giving brother bye love before he left. She loves him so much!!!!

Going to visit Mammaw Judy & Pappaw Robert

Playing on her new slide that Jessica gave her!!!

Wearing Mardi Gras beads.
Seth had to make a float for Mardi Gras School Project

The small table is a big hit with the family everyone likes to sit at it! HAHA
The kiddos begged Manche to sit with them. He is such a big kid!

When Seth first gave it a try and decided he really liked it!

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