Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st trip to library just for Stormie

So I decided that is was time for Stormie to go to the library and get some books.
She is not much into being read to cause she is so busy!
But I wanted to try it out anyway.
She let the lady read 3 books to her and she loved it.
We got several books:
A sock is a pocket for your toes
The 3 little fish and a big bad shark
The one that got away
Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend
llama llama red pajamas
Good Night Gorilla
The costume party
The pout pout fish
Fancy Nancy Bonjour butterfly
And another Fancy Nancy

So what are some of your little ones favorite books to read? Would love to know so we can check them out too.

Before we left taking some pictures of the cutie!

This child loves to sing! She was singing her heart out here.

Love this little shirt, from my friend Jessica
Love it when she does her little expressions.
After the library, playing in the sand box. Making cakes is what she says she is doing.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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