Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Fun

Seth with his pretty blue eyes.
Hitting rocks with a bat

Stormie checking out a miniature horse named Peanut

on our new land
Prince, Summer, and Rebel

He is our big baby!
Seth hitting rocks

Helping daddy

Looking at the river (turtles were down there)

Just Beautiful
Daddy's Girl

Love this

Showing her the drop off to the river.

Love this one

Our pond - starting out

She heard the cow moo and it scared her to death. She would not let us put her down and she was so scared that even when we got back home she was still so scared. She did not know where that sound came from because she did not see the cow. She has heard them moo and she loves to point at the cows. Not sure why this scared her so bad. But in the picture she was running to daddy to get safe.
Looking at cows.
Love this picture.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bunch of stuff

I took down Stormie's crib because she never uses it and it was wasted space. She sleeps with us! So I just put the mattress down and she loves to play on it and lay in it but still not sleeping in it! I really have not tried to make her sleep there. I like her in bed with me so I know she is alright!
She got into a tub of cake icing the other day and she loved it!

Manche on Prince

Stormie trying out big girl panties for the 1st time! (We are not in them yet working on it)

Miss Priss!

Manche moving the horses.
At our new land. River view.

So pretty

Prince, Rebel, And Summer

Scaring Peanut

Stormie got her a rocking chair! (Don't pay attention to how dirty her shirt is. She is in PJs and had just ate!)

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