Monday, January 25, 2010

Ar little bit of everything

Stormie loves shaving cream I think more than anything. If I would let her she would eat a whole bottle! It is a constant battle to keep it from her. If that bathroom door is open she is looking for the shaving cream. And on this day I caught her with it all over her mouth. So of course I had to take a picture.
Loves books.
Check out them slippers.
I got the kiddos some paint with water and they both loved it.
Stormie actually painted longer than Seth. He quit and found something else to do.

Seth's is the tractor and Stormie's is the horse. Their end results.
Seth painting on another day with real paint. He liked this better and he finished his whole sheet and it is on the refrigerator.
On the weekend Manche was off he was sooooo exhausted.
Stormie listening to Seth's mp3
Ain't that just tooo sweet?
Listening to some tunes
Ready for church.

Playing Nintendo ds
Playing with her new favorite toy (dollhouse with Little People)

Sadie came to play

Sadie came over to play last week and I have been so busy that I am just now catching up on the blog.
My friend Jessica asked if I would bring this infant car seat to consign for her and Stormie loves it and has thought it was her new toy.
Stormie & Sadie watching Dora

They had a blast outside. The rode in Stormie's bug one pushed the gas and the other steered.
I love these pictures of them together.
How stinkin cute is this?

Best Friends having fun!!!

They played some basket ball too!
Then Seth and Alandra got home and off the bus. The girls were so excited to see them!
Seth showing Alandra the dogs.
Love this picture!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bowling Fun on MLK Day

We (Janci, Shannon, and Mrs. Jan) decided to take the kids bowling on their day off.
The kids were excited to go! Im not sure who had more fun the big kids or the little ones.

Stormie sitting and watching. How cute it is how she is holding her hands.
Cheeto time!

Stormie just laid down and watched.

I said Stormie look and she did this pose!

So excited!

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