Monday, August 31, 2009

My Monday

Seth has been going through this thing where he wants to play with all of Stormie's toys and ride on the things that he is too big for... so here they are on Stormie's rocking horse.

Then Seth in her shopping cart!
Stormie and her new shoes!
So cute
I absolutely love this picture!

Checking out her toes.
Watching cartoons.

Snuggling with Daddy.. so sweet!
Such pretty eyes!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleeping Stormie

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor and my Pappaw watched Stormie while I went and she had no nap. But she had fun... We went by Mcdonalds on our way home and I said Stormie do you want chick chick and turned around and she was out...
This was when we got home..
When I turned around at Mcdonlads (On top of her guitar)
In her big girl bed sleeping!

Talking on the phone

Stormie is on the phone talking to her Nannie. I thought it would be neat to film it. She was really doing some talking before I got the camera and then she got quite and then started up again! Never a dull moment with her!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wonderful Weather = Fun Outside

Today Sadie came over to play while her Mommy works. They love to play together.
Laying in Stormie's bed this morning.
Since the weather has been so nice , I decided to take the girls to the park to have some fun. And boy did they have fun!

This is how you know your baby is growing up, when she can climb big ole ladders to slide!

Sadie sliding head first
Stormie was a little nervous of the slides today.
They liked the swings best!

She loves my camera!
Love this!
Double Trouble... they loved swinging like this!

This is what I saw from the outside ... Stormie's cute feet.
Inside look
Now ain't that cute?

After we left we got snow cones, Sadie told me to get them blue ones!
Stormie got her blue all over her.

From my Mobile

Some pictures from my phone... of my little Princess!

Love this one!

Cowboy and Cowgirl

After we got back from the zoo, Seth wanted to ride his horse Rebel.
Stormie sitting on Rebel.

Rebel moved and Stormie froze up.
She was froze ha ha
Seth and Rebel.
Our little Redneck ha ha
She was either yelling HEY or HUSH can't remember
Love this picture

She had to ride, she has turned into a real cowgirl ha ha

Video of Seth
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