Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 09

They were very excited Christmas Morning. My grandparents and Manche's parents came to watch them open their presents.
Stormie had a blast this year. It was fun to watch her tear that paper off!
My babies in front of the Christmas Tree
My granparents... Judy and Robert

Opening a gift from Nannie that she got them together.Seth saying can I open them now???

Opening her first one.

Stormie loved her baby that is very real like. Its eyes open and close and her mouth moves and she makes noises and her belly moves up and down.

New game

Stormie opening her horse
Trying to get the gun out to put together
Slowly opening hers.
Her favorite thing!! A microphone that really works!

Love how excited she looks to see her new car!!!
Taking a ride!

Seth got him a basket ball goal!
Shooting on the highest it will go. He made it too!
Got him some new rubber boots!
We went to Mammaw Jan and Pawpaw Tony's for Christmas with them that afternoon.
Sadie and Stormie

Alandra, Sadie, and Stormie
Jayce, Alandra, Sadie and Stormie
Seth joined in.
2 silly girls in the middle!
Cody, Seth and Bronson

Stormie and me on the porch.
They love each other so much!
Seth got so excited about this!
Stormie got her first scooter.

Cody gave Seth a knife.
Stormie and Cody
The Family!

Stormie loves the piano and she was wearing Cody's cowboy hat!
Seth playing with his new toy.

They got a tent/ tunnel from Nannie and they LOVE it! Playing in it!

We had a great time and were very blessed to have all of our family in our lifes.

Christmas Eve 09

Christmas Eve we went to Nannie's and to Pappaw and Mammaws house to do our Christmas with them.
I rolled Stormie's hair and it actually worked and stayed! So cute!!
She kept sticking her tongue out every time I wanted a picture! Little Stinker!

So very sweet!

Wish this one would not of been blurry so cute anyways!
Sticking her tongue out when I said Cheese!
About to go do Christmas with my family
At Nannie's house first

Sponge bob pjs! He was excited!
Manche with his dress shirt that has deer on it!
Stormie opened this one up and got so excited it was SHOES!!!!!!!!

Stormie got some dvds and she was excited.
Me with a new shirt!
We left Nannies house and went to Pappaw and Mammaws house....
Stormie got new rubber boots and she just had to wear them so she did and wore them all night!

Olivia, Stormie and Isabella

My brother and I
Manche and me

Stormie and Olivia helping Holly open her gift!
Pappaw and Mammaw
Seth came home Christmas eve night and he got to open all his presents from everyone
I think this is his favorite thing. Bear slippers!
Loved his spongebob soft pjs to!
Decked out!
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