Friday, October 30, 2009


Does these make my butt look big?
Cutie Pie
Seth had a carnival today at school... so that explains the face paint and they could wear jerseys today. Stormie watching him play.

Thursday activity

Seth had crazy hair day at school yesterday and this is what we did.

Stormie crawled up in Pappaw's lap and just laid there. So sweet.
So sweet

I got her some new tennis shoes but I am gonna have to take them back and get a bigger size!
Stormie and Paw paw Tony


My babies and a little photo shoot

Miss Stormie being so Prissy!

Brushing her teeth

Going to town she said.
Love her outfit. ha ha Accessories done by Stormie.

Peanut and Stormie playing in the rhino.

Blocking Peanut from a kiss

Poor Peanut... she is pulling on him.

So sweet Seth went and got her and put her on his back.
My favorite.

Seth and his coon dog Hatchet.

Stormie kissing him!
Seth with Peanut... Seth got in a picture taking mood so I went with it.

Stormie has been throwing fits lately so I captured it .
Love this one!

Still throwing a fit ha!
Seth and Slade. ( Seth picked out the background setup... hay and saddle )

She does not like the hay.
Love this one too!

Playing in the laundry basket
Awww so so sweet.
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