Monday, December 27, 2010

Piano Playing


Stormie loves to sing Amazing Grace and she likes to sing it with Leann Rymes. So here are some videos of her belting it out.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little bit of everything.

I have some major catching up to do. I think we all have been in a blogging rut and now we are all getting out of it. So glad... just got to catch up!

Stormie in front of my grandparents tree
Many faces of Stormie. She is something else and she shows expressions on everything she does.
Her grumpy face
My eye ... playing around with camera
Best Cousins... Stormie, Alandra and Sadie
This dress came from Jessica and I love it. Stormie is into baby dolls and it is so sweet.

My little darling
Take 2
On her horse Shorty
So sweet
Hot Rod loves the baby stroller
Stormie loving on Pappaw when he did not feel good.
Seth and Manche got a deer.

Stormie loves outside and her bike.

She looks so grown here. My precious baby

Checking out our shadows
Love it
These are some pictures at my mother in laws Mom and Dad's place. They both passed away and this would be a last visit for us at the house.

I wonder what they were talking about?
Precious Seth.
I LOVE this picture. The lighting was amazing at this angle.


This is a rope that Mrs. Jan and her siblings and then all the kids swung on and now the great grand kids got to experience it also.

Cody and his mom Chesney
Stormie, Mrs. Jan, Seth, Dink, Cody, Chesney
The barn and Cody

Some pretty trees

Mrs. Jan and her sister Dink
Does she look sneaky or what?

Another day....
Kids helping Daddy

Super Sassy

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