Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids Kingdom and Car rides

Saturday we went to Kid's Kingdom. The kids LOVED it! First time for us.
Seth hanging...
A try for the 3 of us. Love these two so MUCH!
Mini me and Me
Fireman Seth
Trying to get a pic together. Near impossible to get a good one of both looking and smiling :)

Best I got! Pretty cute!!

Seth in a large key hole.

They loved sliding the most.

Swinging together! They played so good together all day! YAY!

Sliding together.
Really hot from playing so hard.
Last slide of this day. They were hot!

My two little people!
Wearing my shades.

Trying a together photo

Vacation & More...

Here are some picture taken by Mrs. Jan while on vacation and I am just now getting them to where I can upload them here.
This is one of the biggest mules. This dude is HUGE!! His leg is as long as I am tall!
Notice how much taller he is than Manche.

His name was Jay
At one of the night events. Cody took this. I love it!
Seth and Cody by another big mule! This mule's head is HUGE!
Us on the very last day entering in.Stormie with her arms crossed. Miss Priss!!!
Best cousins for life!
Stormie on her very first bouncy house. She did not like this one. She liked the ones that she jumped on not the one she climes on.
Seth helping her out. She was scared.

Manche begin to teach Penny how to pull by hooking things to her tail and adding weight which ended up in Cody, Seth, and me.
The best horse ever. SO big but so Sweet!

Stormie feeding Rambo (She calls him Hambo no matter how many times we correct her! HA)
She got the bottle and him and put it in his mouth and he started eating and she did it all by herself. Big girl!

Another river pic of my sweet husband
My Browned Eyed Girl!
She has really taken up to playing with babies. It is so sweet. We were leaving and she had to grab her baby and her things. :)

Mother's day and enjoying the river

Sunday afternoon when Seth got home, we went to the river to let the kids play and for me to take pictures of course ha!
Everyone checking out the water.
Seth under bridge.

This is her swim suit she just had to have. Got it from Family Dollar for $6 bucks pretty cute huh? She has style ha!!

She is getting so big.
Love her cute little hair
Manche checking the depth of the water.
Seth walking on water ha
Love this one. Love moments with the kids and the dogs.

Mother's day pictures with my two babies. Love them so much!!! This was Sunday evening when Seth got back. So glad I got to spend some of mother's day with him.
Notice Stormie hollering about something.
Checking out the water...
Something must of been funny. Love that sweet smile.
Nothing but button ha!

Stormie surrounded by our 4 legged friends.
So silly
Checking out the logs
Playing with camera... too light but still like it
Father and son time

Love this one. This is her natural smile :)
And this one.. I just love back shots...
Clyde and Stormie

Peanut saw something in the water
Our old man Tank. Love this picture of him!
We had a very good time at the river. Any time with my family is good. I love them so much! I have been so very blessed!
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