Friday, April 30, 2010

Video Playing outside

Can not remember if I have posted this before but just in case here it is

Video - Pre surgery

Video from right before Stormie's surgery. This was when she had taken the medicine that made her a little loopy ha!

Flashback Friday


Loved to spike his hair all the time.
Has always made crazy faces. We love it!

Engagement Picture

Just born

See her eyes used to be blue

Happy baby

I hope you enjoyed looking back with me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catch up - A little bit of everything

This post is full of stuff that I needed to catch up on.

This is a miniature horse that Stormie might be getting. He was born February 23rd. He is so tiny and cute.

Joshua checking him out.
Checking them all out.
Baby and Momma
Seth and Stormie with the baby coons. Mrs. Jan kept one. His name is Rambo. (Seth is holding him)
She is so good with them. She rocks it and feeds it and sings to it. SO sweet!

She loves pink flowers

My baby

I made Seth cupcakes for him and his class the day before his birthday. He was so excited!
Eating outside on an old end table. Whatever works. They love it .

Seth's last day of being 8 years old. He was gone to his moms on his birthday so I didn't get any pictures :(

They are growing so fast

How'd that mule do?

Playing in the garden

Manche working with Penny pulling

Monday, April 26, 2010


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Day 2 of Vacation

Friday we went to the Mule day to surprisingly find out that Larry the Cable Guy was there and filming an upcoming series called Only in America that will be on either the Discovery or History Channel.
And we got filmed in the audience. They asked us to say Get R DONE! HA
You can read more about it here

Here he is filming his show.
Riding on the logs that the team just loaded.

Now time for him to do something with Gracie the mule
Look a here It's Seth and Cody with Larry!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing Grace can shoot basket ball
And drink water

This is the World's Tallest Mule . His name is Shorty.

Taking a short nap
We went to an Amish colony to get to see how they live and do things.
I was not allowed to take pictures because it is against their religion.
But while trying to find it we passed some house and I took pictures from the road.
And one while we were looking at the place that they give the tours from.
An Amish house

After the tour.

If you look close in the back ground that is a real Amish man going by...
The other tour place they make you ride on horse and wagon to go to their homes.

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