Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Manche and Brittney
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Thanksgiving 09

On Thanksgiving we went to eat with my family first and then to Manche's family. We had a great day!
Seth looking so handsome.
Stormie cheesing it up.

Seth tearing up a turkey leg.
My Mammaw and Momma
Stormie eating on the turkey leg
Stormie and Pappaw
She loves her daddy!
Love this one of my favorite two guys!


Stormie holding a picture of me at her age... Look alike???
Manche and me
My sweet Seth

Stormie and Olivia
Mammaw with all the little ones.
This is an older picture... but so sweet...
Now for Thanksgiving part 2 with Manche's family...
Stormie and Sadie best friends.

Mrs. Jan and Mr. Tony

Sadie and Stormie holding Chester

Alandra and Seth in front of Mawmaw's tree

Bundled up.. it was cold.
Love this picture. She is so pretty

Love this one. You can see pure joy on their faces.

This and That.

Some random pictures. Trying to catch up on...
Stormie looking like me

Going bowling.
Cheesing for me

New horse dress.
Love this. So sweet.
She made the laundry basket her bed.
Manche and I
Zebra outfit.

Stormie with my childhood favorite babydoll. She loves it just like I did.

Fixing my hair.
My sweetheart.
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