Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seth got a horse

Seth got an early birthday present. A new horse. He named him Rebel.
He really likes him.
His turtle
my babies

I love this picture of them.

Play date with Bailey

I had to take Stormie to the doctor on Thursday because she had been running fever for three days and had a bad cough and runny nose. Well it was another double ear infection. The last one was exactly one month ago and she had one about a month before that. I am hoping she does not have to have tubes but she might if things do not change.
After we got finished with that we decided to have a play date with Bailey. They have not been able to see each other because of baby Eli not being able to get out in public. But now he can and so we enjoyed the opportunity.
Sitting at Sonic being silly.

Love those eyes!
Stormie's 1st time to ride any rides at the mall. She had a blast.

She decided to climb on.

Now to a different ride.

Driving a tractor.
Bailey giving me her best smile :)
Switched rides.

Now to the park.


Best picture I have ever taken of them together. TOO CUTE!

Aww my sweet little baby!
1st time to see saw. She loved it!

Checking out the big swings.

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