Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 and MORE!

On our snow day giving Daddy some love!

Stormie ready to go to church on Valentine's day with her monkey back pack.

Such a cutie!!
My new Stove!!! You know your old when you get excited about appliances :)
Flowers my hubby won me at our Vday get together with church!

Stormie watching "toons"

Seth and Stormie played dress up and had a b;ast doing it!

Seth thought this was so funny!

Such sweet loving and play time!
Seth is tooo funny!
Stormie wearing my hat, her big girl panties and Pj shirt! Love when she dresses her self!
Reading Goodnight Moon her favorite book.
On the snow day staying warm. Peanut and Tank
This was taken by Jeana at Sunday School on Vday. Stormie's 1st valentine party.
These two could pass for sisters here :) Stormie and Ella
This was on Super Bowl Sunday taken by Stacy. GOOOOOOOOOO Saints!!!

Rainbow Cake

On the snow day Mrs. Jan and I got bored so we decided to bake a 6 layer cake that we both had been wanting to make.
Very time consuming but fun!
Stormie was our first taste tester.

Mmmm icing is good.
Our cake mix that we dyed.
Cutting off the excess to make it level.
Applying icing.

Mrs. Jan applying some icing with a very old icing decorator that was her moms and it was what her mom used when she was growing up on her cakes. Neat huh?

Finished product. Our icing was not very firm so it was not doing right - lesson learned!
Seth eating icing after being in the snow for so long his ears and nose just about matched the icing :)
When you slice it open it will look like this:

Stormie thinking mmmm I need to dive into that....
And if you would like to make your very own then just go here and get the recipe and view another cake.
Ours was not as great as the one in the other blog. We used a heart shape cake pan since it was Valentines Day weekend. I think if we used a circle pan and store bought icing it would of been firmer and sturdier.

Snow In February!!

We had a large snow a few weeks ago and I am just now updating my blog.

Stormie at first kept saying "COOL"

Following Daddy everywhere.
Love pictures like this!

Rode in the rhino

We went to Mawmaw and Pawpaws to play in snow with Seth and Cody.
Seth and Cody were constantly throwing a snow ball.
Stormie checking it out.

Seth by our pond on our other land.

Stormie was fine for a little bit then she ended up hating it. She has done this every time it has snowed.
Priceless picture!
Seth attempting his first snow man
River View

Thought this was funny!
Stormie loves to ride horses so no matter how cold she still wanted to ride.

Seth he was drinking snow ice cream

She wanted to ride by herself first.
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