Thursday, April 30, 2009

90th Blog Entry

This is the 90th blog entry!
Here is my sweet little angel sleeping today for her nap. Doesn't this just make your Thursday better? :)
So sweet and peaceful
Yesterday we went to visit the grandparents and so I snapped her picture!
Loves cars more than almost any other toy she has.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st time with the water hose!

Today was so sunny and pretty outside that we decided to go out and enjoy it. Stormie has never played with the water hose. She had no clue what to do with it but within a few minutes she had the hang of it and played for an hour! I gave her a bowl and measuring cup and she had so much fun!
Not ready to touch it yet.

Thinking about it
Giving it a feel

She loved it!
Videos of her water hose experience.
This was when I first gave it to her.

After she warmed up to it. And we had music on and brown eyed girl came on and she started dancing!

Stormie riding a tractor at the mall!

Stormie and Bailey riding the rides at the mall.

Stormie and Lilly

Stormie and Lilly(My mom's dog). They had a blast chasing each other!

Rides at the mall

This is an older video from one of Stormie and Bailey's play date. This was Stormie's first time to ride a ride at the mall. They had fun!

Stormie Regan!!

Stormie wearing her new summer dress. This came from K mart and I love it. It's really bright!

Mommy and her Mini Me!

Stormie squeezing her daddy and doing the Stormie face!
Talking to somebody

Seth and Daddy having fun!

I got Stormie a new stroller and this is what happened with the box. Seth being the slim little guy he is slipped right into it and he loved it haha!

Manche was letting him fall back on the pillow
Completely in the box!

Pillow Case Dress

I got Stormie some new pillow case dresses from a flea market! I just love them.
Here are some pictures from Sunday with one of the new dresses!

Loving on Seth AKA Bubba

Looks like she is up to something
So cute!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now that's Country!

We have recently purchased some land and we are having a pond/lake done and I went and took some before pictures of the land before the digging begins. And of course I got some cute ones of Stormie!

Where the pond will be.
Stormie with the spot of where the pond will be.

Love these

See that tiny speck in the end that's Stormie :)


She spotted the bulldozer.
Then she stepped in a cow pie !
So we had to remove her shirt to clean her with and take off the shoes!

LOve this one
At the gate.

Looking at it all!

In the car ready for Cheetos!

At home with our horses and some of the dogs!

Lunch before Seth's party!

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